Learning happens everywhere

The explosion of new technologies has allowed the emergence of new formats of online courses such as MOOCs, SPOCs and so on. Learner is no longer limited to the paper textbook to acquire new skills. In this context, we must consider the centralization and valorization of the different sources of information that a learner has access to.


A powerful method to centralize learning tracks


The Tin Can standard, also known as Xapi, could constitute an answer. This standard is the evolution of SCORM, set for structuring learning objects and guaranteeing exchanges between different LMS (Learning Management System). This new standard offers more flexibility than SCORM to gather, follow and record more complex learning tasks.


Tin Can allows is not inevitably linked to a LMS, it directly communicates with an LRS (Learning Record Score). This LRS is the heart of the Tin Can ecosystem and receive, store or return structured recordings about a learner’s learning experiences, accomplishments and achievements. This data can come from several sources (eg: mobile applications, serious games, textbook readings). Information retrieved from various sources, is stored in the LRS, data aggregation becomes possible. It provides relevant learning indicators to both platform administrators and learners. This is a first step in building accurate learning analytics, which allow to better adapt platforms to learners’ needs, habits and wishes.

Impact on the MOODEC ongoing project

In phase 2 of the project, we have decided to link our platform to Learning Locker, an OpenSource LRS, to retrieve participants of our MOOCs, in order to analyze them and build two dashboards:

  • A decision-making dashboard providing an overview of the courses and the platform to the administrators and global aggregated data related to users’ profiles attending these courses,
  • The dashboard for learners will provide users with data on their own habits by learning to consume and progress and compare them to other participants. This will allow them to become aware of their own learning strategies. With this scorecard, Moocs participants will track their own progress and determine how they learn. A metacognitive approach that improves the storage of learning and its recall.


Keep in touch with our latest progress updates and visit our Github repository.


ForumQ2A is a new social forum for LMS Moodle providing modern features. Besides posting questions and answers, it allows all users to:

  • Vote up or vote down a post and sort questions by the number of positive votes
  • Tag questions and search them by tags
  • Flag inappropriate posts
  • Get email notification

People who posted questions are also allowed to

  • Select the best answer to their questions, in such a way that the selected answer will be displayed at the top of the page

Course administrators will be able to

  • Moderate the flagged posts

Users will be credited a certain number of points by posting questions or answers. Top contributors will be listed on a dedicated page.

Based on the open source platform Question2Answer(http://www.question2answer.org), ForumQ2A works as an activity plugin in Moodle. The integration goes seamlessly as the user authentication is managed by Moodle. The plugin meets all the key Moodle requirements such as the support of backup/restore and it works in different group modes as well.

You can download our current version of the ForumQ2A plugin through this link:




MOODEC Progress Bar

The MOODEC Progress Bar plugin allows professors to follow student’s progresses. This plugin is also a useful time-management tool for the students. The plugin provides the following features:

  • Show the course overall,
  • Inform students about their own learning progression path,
  • Inform course manager about students’ progresses,
  • Display percentage of course completion,
  • Display grades,
  • Define deadlines.

This plugin is a block type plugin based on Moodle progress bar: https://moodle.org/plugins/view/block_progress.

Only quizzes are taken into consideration to build the progress bar progression. If desired, source code can be modified to integrate other types of resources.


“Moocise” Moodle : Moodec Project

First step : redesigning the forum tools

We are pleased to announce that our new Moodec forum is now available in its alpha version. This social forum is based on the open source platform Question2Answer. This plugin provides students and teachers with more features compared to the existing question to answer forum by Moodle, among which we can mention the following ones:

– Students can promote a question/answer

– Students can sort questions by tag, view or number of answers

– Students can add comments to the question/answer

– Students can report on questions

– Students can display the users’ ranking based on the number of questions/answers posted

– Teachers can select the best answer

– Teachers now have a platform to manage the questions/answers and delete or hide the reported questions

Please note that this plugin will only be available for Moodle 2.8.

We kindly welcome any of your comment concerning our new Moodec forum plugin, a downloadable version will be available shortly.

More information about the other Moodec plugins are available on http://moodec.ch.

A new taste of Group Choice

We are currently working on a new aspect of the popular Moodle activity Group Choice. Today, this plugin doesn’t allow students to create and manage their own groups, but they will soon be able to do so. We have planned to add the following features to the Group Choice plugin:

  • Allow students to create their own groups
  • Allow creation of public and private groups (password protected)
  • Customize group description to include a YouTube video
  • Offer teachers the possibility to limit the number of groups for a course

To keep in touch with our latest progress updates, please visit our Github repository.